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Experience has shown that “single vendor accountability” provides the best solution in this day and age of sophisticated technology systems. As a company we offer an “All-In-One” relationship with products and services that get the job done.

Customer support and satisfaction is our priority. Our approach to deliver comprehensive long term solutions is proven. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with high quality results.

Ron Ran

Ron Ranc

Ron Ranc, President of Information Systems Division, Inc. (ISD). Technology is changing at an ever increasing pace. My job is to make technology work for our clients. ISD offers a wide range of service and product lines that allow us to provide turnkey solutions to our clients. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We can help you improve your bottom line — I personally guarantee it.”.

~ Ron Ranc, Owner
(607) 432-7090, ext 35
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Roxana Hurlburt

Roxana Hurlburt

Roxana Hurlburt, As a strategic business partner, ISD provides a wide range of technology solutions to businesses large and small. As a Time Warner Authorized Reseller (Commercial and Residential) Vice President of Information Systems Division Inc., Roxana leads clients through the evaluation process of technology and cost containment decisions.

~ Roxana Hurlburt, Vice President
(607) 432-7090, ext. 45
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Chris Ranc

Chris Ranc

Chris Ranc joined the ISD family in 2011. With 26 years experience in the retail business he adds a unique set of skills to the company. Chris also travels door to door for our business clients helping them out with any computer, network, printer or security camera needs they may have.

~ Chris Ranc, Project Manager
(607) 432-7090, ext.21
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Wilhelmina Guest

Wilhelmina Guest

Wilhelmina Guest has been with ISD since 2005 as a customer service professional as well as a web developer. She wears many hats here at ISD, from inventory specialist to custom computer building and many skills in between. Service with a smile and providing outstanding customer service is a priority.

~ Wilhelmina Guest, Web Developer
(607) 432-7090, ext.40
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Chris Nordberg

Chris Nordberg

Chris Nordberg has been with the ISD team since February 2012. He is Net+ Certified which means Chris is proficient in the knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure, describe networking technologies, basic design principles, and adhere to wiring standards and use testing tools.

~ Chris Nordberg, Computer/Network Technician
(607) 432-7090, ext.64
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Cassandra Smith

Cassandra L. Smith – Stop in or call ISD’s walk-in Repair Center/Retail Store today. You will be greeted by Cassandra Smith — ISD’s reigning “Cell Phone Queen”. Cassandra, aka Cass, with her wonderful smile will be happy to assist you with all of our T-Mobile products and our great T-Mobile customer service.

~ Cassandra Smith, Retail Sales
(607) 432-7090, ext.31
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